Merike Lugus pic

I think most artists discover that their imagination works hand in hand with new techniques they discover as well as new technical developments in the materials they use. I always thought of the process of painting as a sort of leap-frog dance: I begin a new painting, take it as far as I can, then put it aside; I begin a new painting, take more risks, hope for happy accidents, discover new possibilities, then put it aside; I return to the first painting and continue with more confidence because of lessons just learned, and finish it: I begin a new painting......

What I have discovered in the new world of acrylics is the possibility of vibrance and translucency, which now feels to be essential to what I need to express. Vibrance and translucency add up to an uplifting energy. I'm certainly not the first artist to figure out that this energy is in itself the message. In the past I had always searched for meaning and put a great deal of thought into each painting, so for me this is a new experience ... to discover the explosive energy inherent in the medium itself. At the same time, I have found that I personally need a container for my explosions. In other words, a shape, and as I work I realize that the shapes are informed by a lifetime of looking at, admiring and thinking about the work of other artists, going way back to Matisse, Picasso, Gaugin, Klimt, Hundertwasser, and moving into the more modern world of artists too numerous to mention.

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